Botox® For Special Indications

Bayati Clinic specialises in administering Botox® for muscle tension relief. This includes the use of botulinum toxin to treat symptoms of migraine headaches and trapezius muscle tension. We also provide this treatment to relieve teeth grinding and/or reduction of jaw tension and for lower face masseter reduction/jawline slimming.

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Need help?
Contact us on: +44 208 164 5799


From £350
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Procedure Time

15 mins

Discomfort Level

2 out of 10


None to minimal


Once every 3-4 months

Additional Information


Botulinum toxin is a refined neurotoxin which, when injected locally into muscles, causes muscular relaxation. When injected in small quantities into the muscles involved in migraine tension headaches, or the trapezius muscles, this causes the muscles to reduce in size and become less active. As a result, muscle tension is eased.  Following the injections, there is a lag period before the effects appear – usually about 3-5 days, reaching the full effects by about day 10-14 post-treatment. When injected into the masseter muscles (for treatment of teeth grinding or jawline slimming), the effects take longer to develop (on average 4-6 weeks) because this muscle is known to be large and strong.


Expertly administered botulinum toxin helps to relieve muscle tension associated with migraine headaches and overactive trapezius muscles. It also helps to near-fully reverse symptoms of teeth grinding and jaw tension. This also has the added cosmetic effect of slimming the lower face. 

Botulinum toxin Injections for migraine headaches is administered in the forehead and frown muscles, temples, occipital region, upper and lower neck. For trapezius muscle tension relief, it is administered in 5 points within the muscle. For teeth grinding and/or jawline slimming, it is administered in 5 points within the masseter muscle.

Yes. Botulinum toxin injections are safe to receive with other facial injectable treatments like Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Masseter Botox® is commonly used to slim the lower face as part of our V-Shape structural enhancement treatment. Browse our treatment gallery or follow us on Instagram to explore our combination treatments.

For an average patient, the results last 3-4 months and begin to gradually wear off after this period. The majority of patients receive botulinum toxin injections two-three times per year. The length of results and desired frequency of treatment can be influenced by the strength of each individuals’ muscles and lifestyle.