The All-Angle Facial Enhancement

The Full Face Rejuvenation treatment is our renowned signature treatment, producing a striking yet natural-looking complete facial transformation. It is a contemporary, safe and individually planned treatment performed only by Dr Bayati for each and every patient, using a combination of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injection treatments.

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Need help?
Contact us on: +44 208 164 5799


From £1,250
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Procedure Time

60 mins

Discomfort Level

3 out of 10


1 day


1 year

Designed, Planned and Executed Meticulously Using the Safest Methods and Products

Natural-looking facial rejuvenation requires a global, holistic approach. Our treatment approach is led by the principle of selecting only the minimum target areas needed to achieve your desired cosmetic goals. Our results are unique and consistent… from all angles. Browse our treatment gallery or follow us on Instagram to see our transformations.

The fine line between natural versus overdone is down to creative vision and technical ability

Additional Information

Dermal Fillers are injectables designed to replace lost volume in the deeper tissues of the face. They can be used to restore lost volume in our midface, cheeks and jawline. They are also used to soften lines and wrinkles in areas of the face which may have become slightly deflated over time. The effects should always look natural – you will look like yourself, only healthier, more youthful and refreshed. We implement the highest quality dermal fillers in our clinic and have a gradual approach to rejuvenation. We recommend only the minimal volume required for a desired effect, adding more sequentially where appropriate. This approach enables us to maintain consistent natural-looking enhancements and avoid over-treated appearances

The Dermal Fillers we use in our clinic are made from a substance known as hyaluronic acid. This is a synthetically produced but naturally occurring glycoprotein found in the skin in humans. Hyaluronic acid acts to provide structure to our tissue as well as hydration. Hyaluronic acid fillers contain molecules that are bound together by cross-links into cohesive gels. This means they hold their shape when injected into areas where we aim to replace lost volume. When injected strategically under the skin in areas of volume loss, they naturally restore fullness in a subtle way. The body naturally breaks down the fillers over time, which are reabsorbed safely into the body with no lasting effects. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be removed using injections of an enzyme known as hyaluronidase if undesirable cosmetic effects are encountered (rarely necessary). Therefore, you can expect a natural-looking full face rejuvenation treatment.

Dermal fillers are an excellent treatment for volume loss and deep lines with almost no downtime and immediate results. Fillers are particularly effective for restoring lost volume in the mid and lower face. Examples include reducing the appearance of tear trough grooves and jowls, and subtly changing the shape of the nose without the need for surgery. They are also used to enhance structural contours, such as the cheekbone or jawline contour.

As our faces age, we tend to lose volume in a very predictable way. Our faces begin to sag, creating deep furrows, tear trough hollowing, marionette lines, and smile line folds. Facial descent gradually forms jowls. Dermal fillers aim to replace this lost volume in a subtle yet effective way. The creative placement of filler can be used to create a ‘lifted’ appearance. We also offer Dermal Fillers for Lip Enhancement, Jawline and Chin enhancement, Tear Trough and for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty.

Dermal Fillers work extremely well in conjunction with other injectable treatments for optimum results. This includes anti-wrinkle injections for fine lines and wrinkles, and skin boosters such as Profhilo to rejuvenate the skin itself, and soften the signs of ageing. Dr Bayati has a very unique approach in using Dermal Fillers after Endolift laser, to maximise the lifting and contouring results. 

We recommend not wearing makeup around the injected areas for 12 hours after the treatment to reduce the risk of skin infection. You can start your normal skincare routine on the evening of your treatment.

Exercise itself after Dermal Filler injections does not affect the result, but may prolong any bruising or swelling you may experience. For this reason, we recommend a period of 24-48h of avoiding heavy exercise (e.g. high intensity training class).