Injectables Training

Shadow training is an opportunity for one practitioner to join Dr Bayati for a full day in clinic. Dr Bayati’s clinic is unique in both treatments and patient demographics, seeing around 20-25 cases per day. Key treatments include full face rejuvenation and non-surgical rhinoplasty, alongside the usual mix of other nonsurgical treatments and ultrasound-guided interventions.

You will have the opportunity to observe a variety of patients and treatments, and well as participate in discussions about treatment plans and aftercare. You will also gain insight into the systems used to efficiently run a unique and busy clinic. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Dr Bayati about treatments and techniques. This is usually a long and dynamic day with a busy schedule, but the training format is hugely popular and feedback remains positive.

The 1-1 training with Dr Bayati is exclusively reserved for advanced practitioners who are of medical, dental or nursing background and are looking to apply combination treatment techniques beyond masterclass level and learn the nuances, tips and pearls of advanced multi-region treatments. These sessions are booked by prior arrangement in order to tailor clinic lists to the needs of the delegate.

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Laser Lipolysis and Skin Tightening Training

This comprehensive small-group masterclass is designed to elevate existing practitioners’ knowledge and skills to further optimise their results with subcutaneous laser (such as Endolift®). The course is designed and led by Dr Bayati, who is internationally recognised for his results using the Eufoton Lasemar 1500 device. Drawing from his experience of treating over 700 patients, Dr Bayati delves into detailed patient selection and provides new technical insights to optimise cosmetic outcomes and understanding the concepts behind effective treatment using ultrasound imaging. The tutorials are supplemented by live model laser treatments for the full face and peri-orbital (festoons) regions.

Course Overview

Understanding the broad range of facial types and tissue structures, and using this to select patients appropriately and set realistic cosmetic expectations.

Overview of the various fibreoptic diameter sizes, factors affecting energy delivery at tissue level, and how to select the appropriate fibreoptic wire size based on individual patients’ tissue structure.

Understand the intricacies and interplay between watts, energy on / off charge time and joules delivered through real-world case studies of patients followed up over time.

Ultrasound visualisation of facial tissue structures including skin and subcutaneous fat thickness and how this influences patient and fibreoptic wire selection. Ultrasound assessment of important anatomic considerations (major arteries, salivary glands, superficial and deep neck structures).

Learn to recognise the broad spectrum of early, mid-term and late post-treatment complications that may be encountered with subcutaneous laser, how to treat these and prevention strategies to minimise them. This tutorial is supplemented with real-world case studies.

Course tutorials are supplemented by two live model cases of a full face and a malar bag treatment. Dr Bayati will demonstrate additional techniques for treating high risk zones (e.g. jowls) and contouring techniques, as well as optimising the depth of tissue treatment using ultrasound guidance.

This masterclass course is run approximately 3 times per year. Please email your enquiry to


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