Your Endolift Recovery Period

For your Endolift Aftercare, you will be provided with a recovery pack that includes everything you’ll need to aid your recovery over the first two-weeks after treatment.

The speed of recovery can be influenced by how well you stick to the post-treatment routine set out for you in our Endolift Aftercare. 

Most patients feel fully healed two weeks after treatment following our Endolift Aftercare protocol.

The Sensitivity Period

The first week is marked by swelling (mild-moderate), bruising (mild) and soreness (mild).

This usually improves by two weeks, with a return to normal social activities by this time.

Face Strap Compression

Your Endolift® face strap will help to reduce the amount of swelling that develops after treatment.

Starting Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This helps to mechanically drain residual fluid in the treated tissue, and speeds up healing from swelling.

Your Skin Recovery Creams

We have hand-picked creams for you to help accelerate the skin recovery process.

Arnicare cooling gel helps to reduce bruising. Apply twice per day for the first week.

La Roche-Posay’s B5+ cream reduces redness and discomfort, and acts as a barrier cream, leaving an invisible protective layer on your skin. Apply twice per day for two weeks.

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