Immediate Results Comparable To Surgery

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty uses hyaluronic acid filler to correct nose contour irregularities or a drooping nose tip. The nose bridge is straightened and the tip is lifted. The results are similar to those produced by a surgical rhinoplasty. However, with immediate results, no downtime and at fraction of the cost of surgery, it is now a popular alternative. Dr Bayati has performed over 2,500 Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures, and our results are unrivalled.

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Procedure Time

30 mins

Discomfort Level

3 out of 10




12-18 months

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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Transformations

We are specialists in Non Surgical Rhinoplasty and are able to correct complex nose contours. This includes deviated, traumatic and post-surgical noses. Our techniques produce nose profiles that are natural-looking and well-balanced. Browse our results to find out for yourself. 

Ultrasound Guidance to Maximise
Your Safety

We combine our expertise in ultrasound facial tissue imaging with treatment planning, delivery and follow up. This maintains the highest safety practices for our patients undergoing the Non Surgical Rhinoplasty treatment.

Your Treatment In Expert Hands

Dr Bayati has a particular specialist interest in Non Surgical Rhinoplasty. It is his single highest volume treatment, having performed this for over 10 years. He is acclaimed for correcting complex noses, from prominent nose bumps, to traumatic and post-surgical noses. He routinely uses ultrasound assessment in such cases to maximise safety for his patients. He also attracts referrals from other clinicians for filler reversal and correction of previous nose filler treatments. 

What our patients say about Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Dermal Fillers are an injectable substance composed of hyaluronic acid. They are effective at replacing lost volume in the face or contouring facial features. As such, they can be used to creatively re-shape the nose bridge and lift the nose tip. The effects should always look natural and well-proportionate – creating a  straightened nose bridge and subtle tip lift, if desired. We implement the highest quality dermal fillers at Bayati Clinic and have formulated techniques that produce unique results.

The results of Non Surgical Rhinoplasty using dermal filler are seen immediately. The final result is usually appreciated after 1-2 weeks, once any swelling or bruising has subsided. The immediate results of this treatment is a major advantage over the traditional surgical rhinoplasty. 

Yes, you will likely have some mild swelling. However, this is usually subtle and not enough to  cause any downtime. It is not as much as the swelling that develops with filler in other areas of the face such as lips. For most patients, the swelling from nose filler is subsides after 3-5 days.

No. The filler is injected just under the skin of the nose not into the nasal cavity itself so it will not affect the natural openings of your nose or your breathing.

Most patients do not experience bruising after nose fillers, as we use very fine needles. There is usually temporary redness to the skin, related to needle insertion. But if you are prone to bruising, then it is a possibility. If you are concerned about bruising it may be helpful for you to avoid alcohol or any blood thinners for 48 hours before your treatment and commence arnica tablets starting 3 days prior to your treatment, providing you have no contraindications. Any bruising usually subsides within a week.

It is not common but it can move if you massage it or press on it too much immediately after treatment. It is therefore advisable to avoid massaging or pushing the nose after a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty and avoid any activities where there is a risk of the nose being inadvertently bumped or imprinted (such as wearing glasses) for 24 hours after treatment. After a couple of weeks, the filler is considered stable and at far less risk of migrating. In the event of any unusual changes or suspicion of migration, we can arrange a follow up for review and correction with Dr Bayati.

We recommend not wearing makeup around the injected areas for 12 hours after the treatment to reduce the risk of skin infection. You can start your normal skincare routine on the evening of your treatment.

Exercise itself after a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty does not affect the result, but may prolong any bruising or swelling you may experience. For this reason, we recommend a period of 24-48h of avoiding heavy exercise (e.g. high intensity training class). 



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