What is Ultrasound?

ENDOLIFT® is an exclusive medical treatment performed in an outpatient setting, designed to revitalize and uplift your appearance. Using delicate single-use micro optical fibers finer than a strand of hair, our skilled practitioners introduce them under the skin into the superficial hypodermis, ensuring a swift and virtually pain-free experience.

Your comfort is paramount, and to achieve this, a local soft anesthetic solution is applied to the treatment area using a fine needle or cannula. As the laser energy gracefully forms micro-tunnels along anti-gravitational vectors, you may experience a subtle sensation, orchestrating an immediate and noticeable lifting effect.

One of the remarkable aspects of ENDOLIFT® is its ability to yield transformative results without the discomfort of incisions and sutures. Any post-treatment effects such as mild swelling or a pinkish hue are transient, requiring no downtime. Within just a few hours, you can return to your daily activities, revitalized and refreshed.

The journey of rejuvenation doesn’t end there. Around 4-6 weeks after the procedure, you will perceive a secondary boost as additional collagen accumulates in the deep skin layers, enhancing the lifting effect. The response and lasting impact of ENDOLIFT® are unique to each individual, and your physician may recommend repeated treatments for further benefits – rest assured, no adverse effects will occur.

ENDOLIFT® harmoniously synergizes with other cutting-edge aesthetic treatments, either performed simultaneously or subsequently, including fractional non-ablative resurfacing with the LIGHTSCAN™ fractional scanner, utilizing the same LaseMar 1500 laser.

Experience the perfect blend of science, art, and beauty with ENDOLIFT®. Embark on your journey to rejuvenation and unlock a radiant transformation that continues to evolve over time.