Lift, Tighten, Sculpt: The Endolift Factor

The ground-breaking treatment for non-surgical facial contouring, slimming and tightening.

Endolift laser

In a world where the desire for non-surgical options to facial cosmetic concerns are increasingly preferred, , Bayati Clinic is leading the way for implementing new minimally-invasive technologies that offer transformational results traditionally thought to be only possible with surgery. We introduce you to Endolift, a ground-breaking laser treatment that is redefining the gold standard in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. With his world-leading expertise in this revolutionary laser treatment,our team led by Dr Bayati have performed the largest number of Endolift treatments in the UK and have harnessed the experience to produce world-renowned skin tightening, fat reduction, and facial contouring results that sit between the realms of non-surgical and surgical outcomes.

The Science Behind the Results: How Endolift Works


Endolift isn’t just a facial laser procedure; it’s a technological breakthrough. Utilising an ultra-thin fibreoptic wire as thin as a hair, laser energy is delivered directly into the deep skin and fat layers. The thin fibreoptic wire pierces the skin like a needle, without incisions, and directly stimulates the skin’s inner layers to tighten and form collagen. This biologically kick-starts the anti-ageing processes that lead to collagen production, skin tightening, texture improvement and lifting. The laser’s thermal effect also directly stimulates permanent fat melting, if desired, in selected areas to produce a slimmer, contoured appearance. The best part is that this treatment is performed with local anaesthetic in under 90 minutes, with no incisions and with minimal downtime compared to surgery, producing results that are long-term and ultra natural-looking. Whether it’s redefining your jawline without the need for dermal filler, reducing a double chin volume without surgery, or tightening sagging skin, Endolift can tailor the approach to your specific cosmetic needs.

Your Endolift Journey at Bayati Clinic: From Procedure to Recovery


Your journey at Bayati Clinic does not end after treatment. We are passionate about your cosmetic journey as much as you are, and we have curated a specific Endolift aftercare plan for you. From our dedicated Endolift coordinator to answer your enquiries, to our hand-picked recovery creams and face straps for minimising swelling or skin irritation, and our three-month follow up assessment to review results with you, we have thought about every step of your recovery to ensure you recover as quickly as possible and start to enjoy your transformation as early as possible.

Your Skin Care & Face Strap Allies: At-home Steps for Enhanced Recovery


Mild-moderate swelling is a frequent encounter after Endolift, lasting up to two weeks on average. The foundation of the initial aftercare is our Endolift face strap; worn at home for the first 10 days, this is designed to limit the amount of swelling and facilitate a lifted, contoured effect. Speedy recovery is also about the right topical care, and we have hand-picked creams that complement your skin’s healing journey. With the soothing touch of Arnicare cooling gel and the protective layer of La Roche-Posay’s B5+ cream, your skin will find relief, reduced redness, and an expedited return to normality.

Ready to embrace the Endolift revolution? Schedule your consultation at the UK’s leading Endolift clinic to see what this remarkable treatment can do to help you achieve a lifted, tighter and defined transformation.